How is Word choosing which header to display?

Kyle Rosenberg 171 Reputation points

This section in my document has multiple options for header. Based on these options I would expect the header on page 2 of the document to either use rId17 (first page of the section?) or rId13 (page 2 is even). The titlePg node makes me think it should be using rId17. From document.xml:
<w:sectPr w:rsidR="00665BAA" w:rsidRPr="00FC21A4" w:rsidSect="00252F47">
<w:headerReference w:type="even" r:id="rId13"/>
<w:headerReference w:type="default" r:id="rId14"/>
<w:footerReference w:type="even" r:id="rId15"/>
<w:footerReference w:type="default" r:id="rId16"/>
<w:headerReference w:type="first" r:id="rId17"/>
<w:footerReference w:type="first" r:id="rId18"/>
<w:type w:val="continuous"/>
<w:pgSz w:w="11900" w:h="16840"/>
<w:pgMar w:top="400" w:right="340" w:bottom="280" w:left="360" w:header="283" w:footer="680" w:gutter="0"/>
<w:cols w:space="720"/>
<w:docGrid w:linePitch="299"/>
However when I open the document, the header in the section appears to be using rId14. The difference between rId14 and rId17 is the alignment of the text "TASMANIAN LAND TITLES OFFICE". Notice that rId14 points to header5 which has the text in its own paragraph with w:jc set to center, whereas rId17 points to header6 where the text is in a paragraph without w:jc set.
Why is word choosing to display the "default" header when it should be showing one of the others?
Here is the document -

Office Open Specifications
Office Open Specifications
Office: A suite of Microsoft productivity software that supports common business tasks, including word processing, email, presentations, and data management and analysis.Open Specifications: Technical documents for protocols, computer languages, standards support, and data portability. The goal with Open Specifications is to help developers open new opportunities to interoperate with Windows, SQL, Office, and SharePoint.
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  1. Mike Bowen 856 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Kyle Rosenberg ,

    Looking at your DOCX file, The second page is actually in the third section, not the second. On the first page, there is a section break after "NM" and a section break after "THE BACK OF THIS FORM MUST NOT BE USED". So, the first page starts the first section, then the first section break on page 1 starts section 2 then the second section break on the first page starts section 3 before the second page, so the w:sectPr that applies to the section page is

       <w:sectPr w:rsidR="00CC4D99" w:rsidRPr="009D22B5" w:rsidSect="005A3DB5">  
         <w:headerReference w:type="default" r:id="rId19"/>  
         <w:footerReference w:type="default" r:id="rId20"/>  
         <w:type w:val="continuous"/>  
         <w:pgSz w:w="11900" w:h="16840" w:code="9"/>  
         <w:pgMar w:top="403" w:right="357" w:bottom="278" w:left="357" w:header="283" w:footer="0" w:gutter="0"/>  
         <w:cols w:space="720"/>  
         <w:docGrid w:linePitch="299"/>  

    rId19 refers to header7.xml, which is the header that is displayed. Please let me know if that answers your question.

    Best regards,
    Mike Bowen

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  1. Zaid Ashraf 1 Reputation point

    Select “Insert” from the main menu, select “Header & Footer,” and create the header. Then, switch to the “Layout” option on the main menu, followed by “Breaks.” Choose “Next Page.” Then tap on the “Header & Footer” section and

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    select “Options.” Finally, check the box next to the “Different Odd & Even Pages” option.

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