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Curriculum: AI4ALL Open Learning

Dave Touretzky edited this page Feb 19, 2021 · 2 revisions
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  • Name: AI4ALL Open Learning
  • Subject: General AI
  • Type: Collection of curricula, short AI lessons, and teacher resources
  • Audience: high school
  • Authors: AI4ALL and Google
  • URL: http://ai-4-all.org/open-learning

AI4ALL Open Learning is creating curricula, short AI lessons, and teacher resources for high school educators to bring AI education to their schools.

  1. Curriculum: Explore AI, Sentiment Analysis + Natural Language Processing
  2. Bytes of AI: AI & Drawing, AI & The Environment, AI & COVID-19, AI & Ethics, AI & Facial Recognition, AI & The Criminal Legal System
  3. Teacher Resources: teaching guides, online engagement strategies, professional development, and more