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Projects: dotnet/docs

.NET 💜 Azure

Updated May 26, 2022

A cross-org effort to improve the .NET developer experience on Azure docs.

Improve Content Performance - .NET Docs

Updated Jun 21, 2021

Our team will spend some time over the next three months on tasks that will improve the overall content health of the articles in this docset.

The task in the month of April is to examine report data and determine the best course of action. The result will be closing the one issue to analyze reports, and create new issues based on what we learn from those reports.

In May and June, we'll work on the tasks identified in April.

Migration guide

Updated Mar 4, 2022

Migration guide to document scenarios around migrating apps from .NET Framework to .NET.

There are a number of issues around articles on asynchronous programming using async, await, System.Threading.Tasks types. There are also similar numbers of issues on the Task Parallel Library, PLINQ and related concepts. Finally, there is confusion between the terms "asynchronous programming", "multi-threaded programming" and "parallel program execution".

This project collects those issues to create a cohesive plan to address that confusion.

Security review

Updated Aug 3, 2020

This project describes the tasks related to performing a review of API and conceptual content related to security and cryptography,

See issue #4161 for public discussion and list of features/scenarios.