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Code Signing and Provisioning for Xamarin.iOS Apps
This document links to guides that describe device provisioning, working with capabilities, working with entitlements, and the Info.plist file.

Code Signing and Provisioning for Xamarin.iOS Apps

Device Provisioning – Introduction

Once Xamarin.iOS has been successfully installed, the next step in iOS development is to provision your iOS device. This guide will explore requesting development certificates and profiles, working with app services, and deploying an app to device.

Working with Capabilities

Using App Services to expand iOS app functionality

Adding capabilities to an application often requires additional provisioning setup. This guide explains the setup needed for all capabilities.

Working with Entitlements

Entitlements are special app capabilities and security permissions granted to applications that are correctly configured to use them. This guide explains how to use them to provision your iOS app.

Info.plist Reference

A reference guide for Info.plist keys.