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winrt property



Gets or sets a value that indicates the thickness of padding space between the boundaries of the content area and the content displayed by a TextBlock.


<TextBlock Padding="uniform"/>
- or -
<TextBlock Padding="left&Right,top&Bottom"/>
- or -
<TextBlock Padding="left,top,right,bottom"/>


uniformA value that specifies a uniform Thickness. The uniform value is applied to all four Thickness properties (Left, Top, Right, Bottom).
left&RightA value that specifies the Left and Right of a symmetrical Thickness.
top&BottomA value that specifies the Topand Bottom of a symmetrical Thickness.
left right top bottom
left right top bottomValues that specify the four possible dimension properties of a Thickness structure (Left, Top, Right, Bottom).
## -property-value A [Thickness](../windows.ui.xaml/thickness.md) structure that specifies the amount of padding to apply.


A related property is Margin (a property of FrameworkElement). For more info about the relationship between margin and padding, see Alignment, margin, and padding or Define layouts with XAML.