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DirectX programming
View a list of links to topics that provide information about developing Universal Windows Platform (UWP) games using DirectX.
windows 10, uwp, game, overview, programming, directx

DirectX programming

This section provides information about developing UWP games with DirectX.

Topic Description

Getting started

Introduction to DirectX programming.


Learn DirectX through game samples.


Explains DirectX basic programming concepts.

Add features

Describes how to add various game features into your DirectX game.

Optimization and advanced topics

Learn about optimization and other advanced topics.

Port DirectX 9 to UWP

Learn how to port your DirectX 9 game to UWP.

Port OpenGL to Direct3D

Learn how to port your OpenGL ES 2.0 game to Direct3D 11.

For DirectX reference and programming guides, see Direct3D 11 Graphics and Direct3D 12 Graphics.