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Windows UI Library (WinUI) 3
Provides info for WinUI 3 and Windows app development with the Windows App SDK.

Windows UI Library in the Windows App SDK (WinUI 3)

WinUI 3 is the native UI platform component that ships with the Windows App SDK (completely decoupled from Windows SDKs). The Windows App SDK provides a unified set of APIs and tools that can be used to create production desktop apps that target Windows 10 and later, and can be published to the Microsoft Store.

[!Important] The Windows App SDK was previously known as Project Reunion. Some assets, such as the VSIX extension and NuGet packages, still use this code name (these will be renamed in a future release).

Windows App SDK is used in all documentation except where a specific release or asset still refers to Project Reunion.

[!div class="nextstepaction"] Create your first WinUI 3 project

WinUI resources

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    **Release notes:** For more details on WinUI 3 in the Windows App SDK, see [WinUI 3 in the Stable channel release notes for the Windows App SDK](../../windows-app-sdk/stable-channel.md#winui-3)

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    **Github**: WinUI is an open-source project hosted on Github. Use the [WinUI repo](https://github.com/microsoft/microsoft-ui-xaml), to file feature requests or bugs, interact with the WinUI team, and view the team's plans for WinUI 3 and beyond on their [roadmap](https://github.com/microsoft/microsoft-ui-xaml/blob/master/docs/roadmap.md).

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    **Website**: The [WinUI website](https://aka.ms/winui) has product comparisons, explains the various advantages of WinUI, and provides ways to stay engaged with the product and the product team.

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[!TIP] For more info, design guidance, and code examples, see Design and code Windows apps.

The WinUI 3 Gallery and WinUI 2 Gallery apps include interactive examples of most WinUI 3 and WinUI 2 controls, features, and functionality.

If installed already, open them by clicking the following links: WinUI 3 Gallery or WinUI 2 Gallery.

If they are not installed, you can download the WinUI 3 Gallery and the WinUI 2 Gallery from the Microsoft Store.

You can also get the source code for both from GitHub (use the main branch for WinUI 3 and the winui2 branch for WinUI 2).

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