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Getting Started with Roslyn Analyzers | Microsoft Docs
Use these resources to get started with Roslyn analyzers in Visual Studio; includes a tutorial and several examples.

Get started with Roslyn analyzers

[!INCLUDE Visual Studio]

With live, project-based code analyzers in Visual Studio, API authors can ship domain-specific code analysis as part of their NuGet packages. Because these analyzers are powered by the .NET Compiler Platform (code-named "Roslyn"), they can produce warnings in your code as you type even before you've finished the line (no more waiting to build your code to discover issues). Analyzers can also surface an automatic code fix through the Visual Studio light bulb prompt to let you clean up your code immediately.

Get started

Roslyn analyzers overview

Tutorial: Write your first analyzer and code fix

Add code fixes Walkthrough: Provide users fixes for analyzer issues

Real world Roslyn analyzer

Several examples on GitHub, grouped into three kinds of analyzers

See also