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XQuery Expressions | Microsoft Docs
View information about XQuery expressions that includes descriptions of each type of expression and how to use them.
XQuery, expressions
expressions [XQuery]
expressions [XQuery], listed

XQuery Expressions


Topics that describe the XQuery expressions.

Primary Expressions (XQuery)
Describes XQuery primary expressions. These include literals, variable references, context item expressions, constructors, and function calls.

Path Expressions (XQuery)
Describes XQuery path expressions. These locate nodes, such as element, attribute, and text, in a document.

Sequence Expressions (XQuery)
Describes XQuery operators to work with sequences of numbers.

Arithmetic Expressions (XQuery)
Describes using arithmetic expressions in XQuery.

Comparison Expressions (XQuery)
Describes the comparison expressions supported by XQuery. That is, the general, value, node comparison, and node type comparison expressions.

Logical Expressions (XQuery)
Describes XQuery support for the logical and and or operators.

XML Construction (XQuery)
Describes XQuery constructors that allow you to construct XML within a query.

FLWOR Statement and Iteration (XQuery)
Describes the FLOWR iteration syntax. This stands for FOR, LET, WHERE, ORDER BY, and RETURN. LET is not supported.

Ordered and Unordered Expressions (XQuery)
Describes the ordering mode for XQuery operations. By default, the ordering mode is set to ordered.

Conditional Expressions (XQuery)
Describes XQuery support for the conditional if-then-else statement.

Quantified Expressions (XQuery)
Describes the existential and universal quantifiers in XQuery.

SequenceType Expressions (XQuery)
Describes the SequenceType syntax in XQuery.

Validate Expressions (XQuery)
The validate expression is not supported.

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