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Install Business Intelligence Features
This article provides links to information to install SQL Server features that are part of the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform.

Install SQL Server Business Intelligence Features

[!INCLUDE SQL Server -Windows Only]

SQL Server features that are part of the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform include [!INCLUDEssASnoversion], [!INCLUDEssISnoversion], [!INCLUDEssMDSshort], [!INCLUDEssRSnoversion], and several client applications used for creating or working with analytical data. This section of the [!INCLUDEssNoVersion] Setup documentation explains how to install these features.

[!INCLUDEssASnoversion] and [!INCLUDEssRSnoversion] can be installed as standalone servers, in scale-out configurations, or as shared service applications in a SharePoint farm. Installing the services in a farm enables BI features that are only available in SharePoint, including [!INCLUDEpower-pivot-md] for SharePoint and Power View, the [!INCLUDEssRSnoversion] ad hoc interactive report designer that runs on [!INCLUDEpower-pivot-md] or [!INCLUDEssASnoversion_md] tabular model databases.

[!NOTE] Reporting Services integration with SharePoint is no longer available after SQL Server 2016. Power View support is no longer available after SQL Server 2017.

SQL Server BI Features

All SQL Server features, including the BI components, are installed through SQL Server Setup. The following links provide supplemental information specific to each BI feature.

[!NOTE] SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is not included with SQL Server 2016. Download SQL Server Data Tools.

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