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### YamlMime:Landing
title: Microsoft Purview compliance documentation # < 60 chars
summary: If your organization needs to comply with legal or regulatory standards, start here to learn about compliance in Microsoft Purview. # < 160 chars
title: Microsoft Purview compliance documentation # Required; page title displayed in search results. Include the brand. < 60 chars.
description: This page contains links to some important topics related to Microsoft Purview compliance features. Start here to learn about compliance for Microsoft Purview. # Required; article description that is displayed in search results. < 160 chars.
services: office-365-security-compliance
ms.service: O365-seccomp #Required; service per approved list. service slug assigned to your service by ACOM.
ms.subservice: subservice
ms.topic: landing-page # Required
ms.collection: purview-compliance
ms.custom: intro-hub-or-landing
author: robmazz #Required; your GitHub user alias, with correct capitalization.
ms.author: robmazz #Required; microsoft alias of author; optional team alias.
ms.date: 04/22/2022 #Required; mm/dd/yyyy format
ms.localizationpriority: high
titleSuffix: Microsoft Purview (compliance)
# linkListType: architecture | concept | deploy | download | get-started | how-to-guide | learn | overview | quickstart | reference | tutorial | video | whats-new
# Cards and links should be based on top customer tasks or top subjects
# Start card title with a verb
# Card 1
- title: Protect sensitive data across clouds, apps, and devices
- linkListType: overview
- text: Know your data
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/information-protection#know-your-data
- text: Protect your data
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/information-protection#protect-your-data
- text: Prevent data loss
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/information-protection#prevent-data-loss
- text: Manage your data lifecycle
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/manage-data-governance#microsoft-purview-data-lifecycle-management
- text: Encrypt your data and control your encryption keys
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/encryption
- text: Import and archive non-Microsoft data
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/archiving-third-party-data
# Card 2
- title: Identify data risks and manage regulatory compliance requirements
- linkListType: overview
- text: Detect and act on risk activities
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/insider-risk-management
- text: Detect and act on inappropriate and sensitive messages
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/communication-compliance
- text: Restrict communication & collaboration between users
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/information-barriers
- text: Manage business, legal, or regulatory record-keeping requirements
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/manage-data-governance#microsoft-purview-records-management
- text: Log & search for audited activities in SharePoint and OneDrive
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/auditing-solutions-overview
- text: Identify & manage data for legal cases
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/ediscovery
# Card 3
- title: Get started with regulatory compliance
- linkListType: get-started
- text: Get started with Compliance Manager
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/compliance-manager
- text: Implement a GDPR compliance action plan
url: /compliance/regulatory/gdpr-action-plan
- text: Learn about Microsoft regulatory compliance offerings
url: /compliance/regulatory/offering-home
# Card 4
- title: Deploy Purview compliance solutions
- linkListType: how-to-guide
- text: Secure data with Zero Trust
url: /security/zero-trust/data
- text: Deploy an information protection solution
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/information-protection-solution
- text: Deploy a data governance solution
url: /microsoft-365/compliance/data-governance-solution
- text: Deploy information protection for data privacy regulations
url: /microsoft-365/solutions/information-protection-deploy
- text: Explore information protection & compliance illustrations
url: /microsoft-365/solutions/productivity-illustrations