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### YamlMime:Landing
title: Top 20 most-viewed admin help articles this month # < 60 chars
summary: Last updated December 8, 2022. Curious which help articles are most popular with admins? Check out this collection of the 20 most-viewed help articles, updated monthly. # < 160 chars
title: Top 20 most-viewed admin help articles this month # Required; page title displayed in search results. Include the brand. < 60 chars.
description: Check out this collection of top 20 help articles that are most popular with admins, updated monthly. # Required; article description that is displayed in search results. < 160 chars.
ms.service: microsoft-365-business #Required; service per approved list. service slug assigned to your service by ACOM.
ms.topic: landing-page # Required
author: SKjerland #Required; your GitHub user alias, with correct capitalization.
ms.author: sharik #Required; microsoft alias of author; optional team alias.
manager: scotv
ms.date: 12/08/2022 #Required; mm/dd/yyyy format.
ms.localizationpriority: high
- AdminSurgePortfolio
- Tier1
- scotvorg
- highpri
- Adm_TOC
# linkListType: architecture | concept | deploy | download | get-started | how-to-guide | learn | overview | quickstart | reference | sample | tutorial | video | whats-new
# Cards and links should be based on top customer tasks or top subjects
# Start card title with a verb
# Card (optional)
- title: Manage data and services
- linkListType: overview
- text: About admin roles
url: add-users/about-admin-roles.md
- text: Overview of the Microsoft 365 admin center
url: admin-overview/admin-center-overview.md
- linkListType: how-to-guide
- text: Get support for Microsoft 365 for business
url: get-help-support.md
- text: Microsoft 365 activity reports
url: activity-reports/activity-reports.md
# Card (optional)
- title: Domains
- linkListType: how-to-guide
- text: Add DNS records to connect your domain
url: get-help-with-domains/create-dns-records-at-any-dns-hosting-provider.md
- text: Add a domain to Microsoft 365
url: setup/add-domain.md
# Card (optional)
- title: Security
- linkListType: how-to-guide
- text: Set up multifactor authentication for Microsoft 365
url: security-and-compliance/set-up-multi-factor-authentication.md
- text: Enable Modern authentication for Office 2013 on Windows devices
url: security-and-compliance/enable-modern-authentication.md
# Card (optional)
- title: Bills and subscriptions
- linkListType: how-to-guide
- text: Cancel your business subscription
url: ../commerce/subscriptions/cancel-your-subscription.md
- text: Pay for your subscription
url: ../commerce/billing-and-payments/pay-for-your-subscription.md
- text: Manage payment methods
url: ../commerce/billing-and-payments/manage-payment-methods.md
- text: View your bill or invoice
url: ../commerce/billing-and-payments/view-your-bill-or-invoice.md
- text: About registration numbers and under review notifications
url: ../commerce/about-registration-numbers.md
# Card (optional)
- title: Email
- linkListType: overview
- text: About shared mailboxes
url: email/about-shared-mailboxes.md
- linkListType: how-to-guide
- text: Configure email forwarding in Microsoft 365
url: email/configure-email-forwarding.md
- text: Create a shared mailbox
url: email/create-a-shared-mailbox.md
- text: Give mailbox permissions to another Microsoft 365 user
url: add-users/give-mailbox-permissions-to-another-user.md
# Card (optional)
- title: Users, groups, and passwords
- linkListType: how-to-guide
- text: Add users and assign licenses at the same time
url: add-users/add-users.md
- text: Assign Microsoft 365 licenses to users
url: manage/assign-licenses-to-users.md
- text: Allow users to sign in to Outlook mobile apps with a QR code
url: manage/use-qr-code-download-outlook.md