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In development - Windows 365 Enterprise
Windows 365 Enterprise features in development
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In development for Windows 365 Enterprise

To help in your readiness and planning, this page lists Windows 365 updates and features that are in development but not yet released. In addition to the information on this page:

  • If we anticipate that you'll need to take action before a change, we'll publish a complementary post in Office message center.
  • When a feature enters production, the feature description will move from this page to What's new.
  • This page and the What's new page are updated periodically. Check back for more updates.
  • Similar features may be announced at different times for Windows 365 Business.

[!NOTE] This page reflects our current expectations about Windows 365 capabilities in an upcoming release. Dates and individual features might change. This page doesn't describe all features in development.

This article was last updated on the date listed under the title above.

Device provisioning

Add more Azure Network Connections to a provisioning policy

A new Azure Network Connection (ANC) option lets you add more ANCs to a provisioning policy and define a priority order for their use. By preparing multiple ANCs in different Azure regions, admins can make provisioning more reliable in the rare case of capacity constraints in a region.

Monitor and troubleshoot

End user manual connectivity check

End users will be able to manually run connectivity checks on their Cloud PCs from windows365.microsoft.com.

Next steps

For details about recent developments, see What's new in Windows 365.