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### YamlMime:Landing
title: Microsoft Intune fundamentals
summary: Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service that helps enable your workforce to be productive while keeping your corporate data protected. Learn about planning, migration, and set up fundamentals for Intune.
title: Intune fundamentals
description: Learn about planning, migration, and set up fundamentals for Intune.
services: service
ms.service: microsoft-intune
ms.subservice: fundamentals
ms.topic: landing-page
- tier2
- collection
author: dougeby
ms.author: erikre
manager: dougeby
ms.date: 04/14/2021
# linkListType: architecture | concept | deploy | download | get-started | how-to-guide | learn | overview | quickstart | reference | tutorial | whats-new
# Cards and links should be based on top customer tasks or top subjects
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- title: About Microsoft Intune
- linkListType: overview
- text: What is Intune?
url: what-is-intune.md
- text: What's New
url: whats-new.md
- text: Features in development
url: in-development.md
- linkListType: tutorial
- text: Walkthrough Intune in Microsoft Endpoint Manager
url: tutorial-walkthrough-endpoint-manager.md
- linkListType: concept
- text: What is device management?
url: what-is-device-management.md
- text: High-level architecture
url: high-level-architecture.md
- text: Common ways to use Intune
url: common-scenarios.md
- text: Technology decisions for BYOD with EMS
url: byod-technology-decisions.md
# Card (optional)
- title: Intune adoption
- linkListType: how-to-guide
- text: Deploy or move to Intune
url: get-started-with-intune.md
- text: Planning guide
url: intune-planning-guide.md
- text: Enrollment deployment guide
url: deployment-guide-enrollment.md
- text: Intune Adoption Kit
url: https://www.microsoft.com/download/details.aspx?id=58348
# Card (optional)
- title: Set up Intune
- linkListType: quickstart
- text: Try Intune for free
url: free-trial-sign-up.md
- linkListType: concept
- text: Supported configurations
url: supported-devices-browsers.md
- text: Network configuration requirements
url: network-bandwidth-use.md
- text: Intune network endpoints
url: intune-endpoints.md
- text: Role-based access control
url: role-based-access-control.md
- text: Intune licenses
url: licenses.md
- linkListType: how-to-guide
- text: Steps to set up Intune
url: deployment-plan-setup.md
- text: Add users
url: users-add.md
- text: Add groups
url: groups-add.md
- text: Use scope tags
url: scope-tags.md