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Learn everything that you need to know about using the PC authoring app to create a guide in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides.
Overview of using the PC authoring app to create a guide in Dynamics 365 Guides

Overview of authoring a guide with the Dynamics 365 Guides PC app

Video camera graphic Watch a video about PC authoring

You use the PC authoring app in [!includecc-microsoft] [!includepn-dyn-365-guides] as the first step in the authoring process.

Use the PC app to complete these tasks:

PC authoring.

[!NOTE] You can add a guest user in Dynamics 365 Guides for users that have an Azure Active Directory account but aren't members of your organization. Guest users can only operate guides in the HoloLens app; they can't author guides in the PC or HoloLens apps.

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