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Learn more about: Parallel Programming in Visual C++
Parallel Programming in Visual C++

Parallel Programming in Visual C++

Visual C++ provides the following technologies to help you create multi-threaded and parallel programs that take advantage of multiple cores and use the GPU for general purpose programming.

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Auto-Parallelization and Auto-Vectorization Compiler optimizations that speed up code.
Concurrency Runtime Classes that simplify the writing of programs that use data parallelism or task parallelism.
C++ AMP (C++ Accelerated Massive Parallelism) Classes that enable the use of modern graphics processors for general purpose programming.
Multithreading Support for Older Code (Visual C++) Older technologies that may be useful in older applications. For new apps, use the Concurrency Runtime or C++ AMP.
OpenMP The Microsoft implementation of the OpenMP API.
C++ in Visual Studio This section of the documentation contains information about most of the features of Visual C++.