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### YamlMime:Landing
title: C language documentation
summary: Learn to use C and the C runtime library.
title: C docs - get started, tutorials, reference.
description: C programming reference for users of Microsoft C/C++ and Visual Studio.
ms.topic: landing-page
ms.date: 05/28/2020
ms.custom: intro-landing-hub
# linkListType: architecture | concept | deploy | download | get-started | how-to-guide | learn | overview | quickstart | reference | tutorial | video | whats-new
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- title: Get started with C in Visual Studio
- linkListType: download
- text: Download Visual Studio for Windows
url: https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/downloads
- text: Install C/C++ support in Visual Studio
url: ../build/vscpp-step-0-installation.md
- text: Download only the command-line build tools
url: https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/downloads/#build-tools-for-visual-studio-2022
- linkListType: tutorial
- text: Compile a C program on the command line
url: ../build/walkthrough-compile-a-c-program-on-the-command-line.md
- title: Use the compiler and tools
- linkListType: reference
- text: C/C++ build reference
url: ../build/reference/c-cpp-building-reference.md
- text: Projects and build systems
url: ../build/projects-and-build-systems-cpp.md
- text: Compiler reference
url: ../build/reference/compiling-a-c-cpp-program.md
- text: Linker reference
url: ../build/reference/linking.md
- text: Additional build tools
url: ../build/reference/c-cpp-build-tools.md
- text: Errors and warnings
url: ../error-messages/compiler-errors-1/c-cpp-build-errors.md
- title: C language
- linkListType: reference
- text: C language reference
url: ../c-language/c-language-reference.md
- text: Elements of C
url: ../c-language/elements-of-c.md
- text: Program structure
url: ../c-language/program-structure.md
- text: Declarations and types
url: ../c-language/declarations-and-types.md
- text: Expressions and assignments
url: ../c-language/expressions-and-assignments.md
- text: Statements
url: ../c-language/statements-c.md
- text: Functions
url: ../c-language/functions-c.md
- text: C language syntax summary
url: ../c-language/c-language-syntax-summary.md
- text: Implementation-defined behavior
url: ../c-language/implementation-defined-behavior.md
- text: C/C++ preprocessor reference
url: ../preprocessor/c-cpp-preprocessor-reference.md
- title: C runtime library (CRT)
- linkListType: reference
- text: CRT library features
url: ../c-runtime-library/crt-library-features.md
- text: Alphabetical function reference
url: ../c-runtime-library/reference/crt-alphabetical-function-reference.md
- text: C runtime routines by category
url: ../c-runtime-library/run-time-routines-by-category.md
- text: Global variables and standard types
url: ../c-runtime-library/global-variables-and-standard-types.md
- text: Global constants
url: ../c-runtime-library/global-constants.md
- text: Global state
url: ../c-runtime-library/global-state.md
- text: Generic-text mappings
url: ../c-runtime-library/generic-text-mappings.md