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### YamlMime:Landing
title: Hybrid identity documentation
summary: Microsoft’s identity solutions span on-premises and cloud-based capabilities, creating a single user identity for authentication and authorization to all resources, regardless of location. We call this hybrid identity.
author: billmath
description: Azure AD Connect will integrate your on-premises directories with Azure Active Directory. This allows you to provide a common identity for your users for Microsoft 365, Azure, and SaaS applications integrated with Azure AD.
manager: amycolannino
ms.author: billmath
ms.collection: na
ms.date: 08/15/2019
ms.service: active-directory
ms.subservice: na
ms.topic: landing-page
services: active-directory
# linkListType: architecture | concept | deploy | download | get-started | how-to-guide | learn | overview | quickstart | reference | tutorial | whats-new
# Card
- title: About Hybrid Identity
- linkListType: overview
- text: What is hybrid identity?
url: whatis-hybrid-identity.md
- text: What is inter-directory provisioning?
url: what-is-inter-directory-provisioning.md
# Card
- title: Determine the best solution to manage the lifecycle of your users and groups
- linkListType: overview
- text: What is Azure AD Connect and Connect Health?
url: whatis-azure-ad-connect.md
- linkListType: tutorial
- text: Integrate a single AD forest using password hash sync (PHS)
url: tutorial-password-hash-sync.md
- text: Integrate a single AD forest using pass-through authentication (PTA)
url: tutorial-passthrough-authentication.md
- text: Integrate a single AD forest using federation
url: tutorial-federation.md
- text: Set up PHS as backup for AD FS in Azure AD Connect
url: tutorial-phs-backup.md
# Card
- title: Choose the authentication method that works best for your organization
- linkListType: overview
- text: What is password hash sync?
url: whatis-phs.md
- text: What is passthrough authentication?
url: how-to-connect-pta.md
- text: What is federation?
url: whatis-fed.md
- text: What is single sign-on?
url: how-to-connect-sso.md
- linkListType: concept
- text: Determine which authentication method is right for you
url: ./choose-ad-authn.md
# Card
- title: Get started with hybrid identity
- linkListType: how-to-guide
- text: Install Azure AD Connect with express settings
url: how-to-connect-install-express.md
- text: Install Azure AD Connect with custom settings
url: how-to-connect-install-custom.md
- text: Configure the AD DS Connector account
url: how-to-connect-configure-ad-ds-connector-account.md
- text: Change the ADSync service account password
url: how-to-connect-sync-change-serviceacct-pass.md
- text: Change the Azure AD Connector account password
url: how-to-connect-azureadaccount.md
- text: Change the AD DS Connector account password
url: how-to-connect-sync-change-addsacct-pass.md
- linkListType: reference
- text: Required ports and protocols
url: reference-connect-ports.md
- text: Accounts and permissions
url: reference-connect-accounts-permissions.md
- text: Azure AD Connect version history
url: reference-connect-version-history.md