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### YamlMime:Landing
title: Microsoft HoloLens # < 60 chars
summary: Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully self-contained holographic computer to run Windows 10. Now, with the introduction of HoloLens 2, every HoloLens device provides commercial ready management capabilities that are enhanced by the reliability, security, and scalability of cloud and AI services from Microsoft.
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ms.date: 05/24/2021
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- title: Get to know the HoloLens 2
- linkListType: learn
- text: HoloLens 2 capabilities and solutions
url: hololens-commercial-features.md
- text: HoloLens 2 options
url: hololens2-options.md
- text: HoloLens 2 hardware
url: hololens2-hardware.md
- linkListType: overview
- text: Device-only
url: hololens2-options-device-only.md
- text: Remote Assist edition
url: hololens2-options-remote-assist.md
- text: Industrial edition
url: hololens2-options-industrial-edition.md
- text: Development edition
url: hololens2-options-dev-edition.md
- text: Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2
url: hololens2-options-trimble-xr10-edition.md
# Card
- title: Get started
- linkListType: how-to-guide
- text: First-time usage
url: hololens2-setup.md
- text: Daily usage
url: holographic-home.md
# Card
- title: Plan your HoloLens 2 deployment
- linkListType: architecture
- text: Common deployment scenarios
url: common-scenarios.md
- text: Planning HoloLens 2 deployment in a commercial environment
url: hololens-core-components.md
- text: Autopilot CSS registration
url: hololens2-autopilot-registration-support.md
- linkListType: deploy
- text: Deployment Guide - Cloud connected HoloLens 2 deployment at scale with Remote Assist
url: hololens2-cloud-connected-overview.md
- text: Deployment Guide - External Clients (cloud connected)
url: hololens2-deployment-guide.md
- text: Deployment Guide - Corporate connected HoloLens 2 deployment with Dynamics 365 Guides
url: hololens2-corp-connected-overview.md
- text: Deployment Guide - Offline secure
url: hololens-common-scenarios-offline-secure.md
- text: Deployment Guide - Shared HoloLens 2 with Remote Assist
url: hololens2-deploying-remote-assist-using-shared-identity.md
# Card
- title: Mixed Reality Partner Resources
- linkListType: reference
- text: Mixed Reality Partner Resources
url: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/hololens/mixed-reality-partners
- text: Mixed Reality Partner Forum
url: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/mixed-reality-partners/bd-p/MixedRealityPartnersForum
- text: Mixed Reality Partner Blog
url: https://aka.ms/MRPartnerBlog
- text: Start designing and prototyping
url: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/design/design
- text: Moving Platform Mode
url: /hololens/hololens2-moving-platform
- text: Environmental Considerations
url: /hololens/hololens-environment-considerations
# Card
- title: Troubleshooting
- linkListType: how-to-guide
- text: Device
url: hololens-troubleshooting.md
- text: Holograms and interactions
url: hololens-faq.md
- text: Display
url: hololens2-display.md
- text: Implementation and managed devices
url: hololens2-enterprise-troubleshooting.md
- text: Collect and use diagnostic information from HoloLens devices
url: hololens-diagnostic-logs.md
- text: Restart, reset, or recover HoloLens 2
url: hololens-recovery.md
# Card
- title: Resources
- linkListType: whats-new
- text: HoloLens 2 release notes
url: hololens-release-notes.md
- text: Insider preview
url: hololens-insider.md
- linkListType: reference
- text: Where to buy HoloLens 2
url: hololens2-purchase.md
- text: Support and help options
url: hololens2-support.md
- text: Give us feedback
url: hololens-feedback.md
# Card
- title: Develop with HoloLens 2
- linkListType: how-to-guide
- text: What is Mixed Reality?
url: /windows/mixed-reality/mixed-reality
- text: Start designing and prototyping
url: /windows/mixed-reality/design
- text: Introduction to Mixed Reality development
url: /windows/mixed-reality/development?tabs=unity
- text: Cloud Services Overview
url: /windows/mixed-reality/mixed-reality-cloud-services#overview
- text: Microsoft Mesh (Preview)
url: /mesh/overview
# Card
- title: More services
- linkListType: reference
- text: Dynamics 365 Remote Assist Docs
url: /dynamics365/mixed-reality/remote-assist/ra-overview
- text: Dynamics 365 Guides
url: /dynamics365/mixed-reality/guides/
- text: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality
url: /dynamics365/mixed-reality/