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For Camps, Clubs, And more

Minecraft Education is now available to camps, after-school programs, nonprofits, and other organizations with the Camps and Clubs Update. Take game-based learning beyond the classroom!

Beyond the Classroom

Minecraft Education is now available for camps, clubs, nonprofits, and other organizations.


Camps are using Minecraft Education for self-directed learning and leveraging the hundreds of pre-built lessons and tutorials to teach campers across subjects and ages.

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Clubs and After-School Programs

Clubs and after-school programs are introducing Minecraft activities and challenges to engage students with fun, creative, build battles and e-Sports challenges!

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Nonprofits will value multiplayer with secure join codes so students can collaborate, create, and problem-solve together across platforms.

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Homeschool Organizations

Homeschool organizations can use Minecraft Education for self-directed learning or leverage hundreds of lessons with our built-in educational features for teaching.

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Our campers designed games, went on adventures, built roller coasters to learn about physics, and learned team-building skills; all while using Minecraft Education.”

- Ed Fleming, Co-Founder, Fleming Tech Camps