Create an app submission for your MSI or EXE app


This section of the documentation describes how to create an MSI or EXE app submission in Partner Center. Alternatively, you can use the Microsoft Store submission API for MSI or EXE app submissions to automate app submissions.

Once you've created your app by reserving a name, you can start working on getting it published. The first step is to create a submission.

You can start your submission when your app is complete and ready to publish, or you can start entering info before you have written a single line of code. Updates you make to your submission are saved, so you can come back and work on it whenever you're ready.


You must have an active developer account in Partner Center in order to submit apps to the Microsoft Store. All the users added to your developer account in Partner Center can submit EXE or MSI apps to the Microsoft Store. They can also modify all the existing EXE or MSI apps in Partner Center. The roles and permissions set for account users do not currently apply to EXE or MSI apps.

After your app is published, you can publish an updated version by creating another submission in Partner Center. Creating a new submission lets you make whatever changes are needed, whether you're providing new packages or just changing details such as What’s new or Description. To create a new submission for a published app, click Update next to the most recent submission shown on its Overview page.

App submission checklist

Here are the details that you will need when creating your app submission. Required fields are marked. Some areas are optional or have default values provided which you can change. You do not have to work on these sections in the order listed here.

Availability page

Field name Required Notes
Markets Required Default: All possible markets
For more information see Define pricing and market selection.
Pricing Required One of: Free; Paid; Freemium; Subscription.
Free Trial Required Not required if pricing is set to Free or Freemium.

Properties page, support info section

Field name Required Notes
Category Required Category and subcategory table
Subcategory Category and subcategory table
Does this product access... Required
Privacy policy URL Required Only required if you answered yes to the previous question.
Support contact info

Properties page, products declaration section

Field name Required Notes
This app depends on non-Microsoft drivers or NT services.
This app has been tested to meet accessibility guidelines.
This product supports pen and ink input.
Notes for certification Recommended Character limit: 2,000.

Properties page, system requirements section

Field name Required Notes
Touch screen
NFC Proximity
Bluetooth LE
Video Memory

Packages page

Field name Required Notes
Package URL Required At least one package URL is required.
Language Required At least one language is required.
Architecture Required
Installer parameters Required Support for silent install is required. Other parameters are optional.

Store listings page

Each language has a separate store listing page. One listing page is required. It is recommended to provide complete listing page information for each language your app supports.

Field name Required Notes
Description Required Character limit: 10,000.
What’s new in this version Character limit: 1,500.
App features Character limit: 200 per feature; Feature limit: 20.
Screenshots Required Required: 1; Recommended: 4+; Maximum: 10
For more information see Create app Store listings for your MSI or EXE app.
Store logos Required 1:1 Box art required, 2:3 Poster art recommended
For more information see Create app Store listings for your MSI or EXE app.
Short description Character limit: 1,000
Additional system requirements Character limit: 200 characters per requirement; Requirements limit: 11 for each of minimum and recommended hardware.
Search terms Character limit: 30 per term; Term limit: 7; Maximum of 21 unique words total among all terms.
Copyright and trademark info Character limit: 200
Applicable license terms Required Character limit: 10,000
Developed by Character limit: 255