Virtual commute

You can use virtual commute feature in the Microsoft Viva Insights app in Teams from either the Up-next card or Within Protect time.

Up-next card

When the Up-next card prompts you to "wrap up your day," you can select it to start your virtual commute now.

Home virtual commute

This message appears at the following times:

  • If you've configured virtual commute reminders, the message appears 30 minutes before the time that you configured. For information about making this and other settings, see Insights app settings.
  • If you have not configured virtual commute reminders, the message appears 30 minutes before the end of your workday as scheduled in Outlook.

Within Protect time

In Protect time, when prompted with Ready to wrap up, select Start.

Book focus time.

This causes your virtual commute to start immediately. For details about the virtual commute experience, see virtual commute steps.

Starting a virtual commute this way does not affect the scheduled days and time of day that you set in Set up virtual commutes.

Set up virtual commutes

The first time you open Protect time, you are prompted to schedule your virtual-commute reminders:

Schedule virtual commute.

You can use this prompt to select the days and time of day that you want to see the virtual-commute reminder, and then select Set reminder.


  • You can schedule virtual-commute reminders for any day of the week, including days not configured as workdays in your Outlook settings.
  • The time you select will apply to every day on which you'll see reminders. You cannot set different times for different days of the week.
  • The reminder might not arrive at exactly the scheduled time, but most reminders appear within five minutes before their scheduled time. For example, if your reminder is scheduled for 5:00, the reminder could appear between 4:55 and 5:00.

If you need to adjust these settings at any time, you can do so on the Settings page. For more information, see Settings > Virtual commute.

Virtual commute steps

After you begin your virtual commute by selecting Start on the Protect time page, the sequence starts. It consists of the following steps. All steps are optional; to skip a step, select Next.

  1. On the start page, select Let's go:

    Start virtual commute.

  2. Review and close out current tasks – Virtual commute shows you your open tasks on the Microsoft To-Do list whose due date is today or that have a reminder set for today. (If you currently have no tasks, this step is not shown and you go directly to Add new tasks.)

    In this step, you can mark each task as complete (select "It's done") or set a reminder for another day:

    Close out current tasks.

    If you do set a reminder, it will appear in the following places:

    • In your Microsoft To Do list.
    • In your Briefing email, if you are subscribed to receive Briefing emails.
    • On the To Do card on the Home page; it appears here only on the day after you set the reminder.

    Select Next.

  3. Add new tasks – Use this step to add tasks to your list. There are two reasons to add them to your list:

    • If you have work-related tasks that are top of mind, adding them to a list holds them for you in a reliable spot so that you can mentally let them go during your personal time.
    • Adding them here puts them directly into Microsoft To Do, complete with reminders set, so that you don't forget about them.

    Add tasks.

    Tasks that you add on this page will appear in two places:

    • If you subscribe to the Cortana briefing email, you'll see your tasks there.

    • If you add a task today, it will appear tomorrow on the Microsoft To-Do card on the Home page:

      Home page to-do card.

    After you've finished adding tasks – or if you have no tasks to add – select Next.

  4. Preview of tomorrow – This step shows you the events (such as meetings) that are on your schedule for tomorrow:

    Preview of tomorrow.

    The purpose of this step is to reduce surprises so that you can be prepared for all that's on your schedule. You can accept, decline, or cancel meetings to make final decisions about your schedule for the next day. When finished, select Next.

  5. Opportunity for reflection – At the end of your workday, this step lets you reflect on your feelings, just as you would by using the Reflect feature on the Home page:


    Select the emoji that best represents how you're currently feeling. The card gives you feedback to acknowledge your choice, which you can view before you select Next. This optional step helps you build the healthy habit of checking in with yourself.

  6. Mindfully disconnect with a Headspace meditation – Select the 'Play' button on the Headspace card to begin a guided meditation:

    Headspace Play button.

    When you're finished, select Next.

  1. Completion – Complete your virtual commute.

    Breathe image.

    Select Done.