The best tools for developers are on Windows

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux

    Run your favorite Linux distribution seamlessly integrated with Windows. Now with Linux GUI apps, Docker Desktop, GPU acceleration, and built-in audio.

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  • PowerToys

    Constantly improving tools for power users, including color picker, window layout manager, and much more.

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  • Windows Package Manager

    Find, install, configure, upgrade, and remove Windows applications directly from the command line or submit your own packages.

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Windows Terminal

Use your favorite command line tools—including PowerShell, Azure CLI, Ubuntu, and a secure SSH connection—from the fully customizable Windows Terminal.

Screen shot mosaic of Terminal screens with code
Screen shot from video with split screen of demo and presenter

Tabs vs Spaces

A video series for developers who use Windows featuring demonstrations from PMs who support the tools and services, such as WSL, Terminal, Package Manager, PowerToys, Performance benchmarking, and more.

  • VS Code Remote Development

    Use a container, remote machine, or the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) as a developer environment.

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  • Code as you are

    Use Windows to write code in Python, Rust, JavaScript, Java, as well as C#, C++ or whatever you prefer. We’ll help you set up your development environment.

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  • Docker

    Get started with Docker Desktop for Windows. Create remote development containers, with support from Visual Studio, VS Code, .NET, WSL or a variety of Linux services.

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  • Mac Transition Guide

    Get help mapping differences between keyboard shortcuts, trackpad shortcuts, terminal, and shell tools.

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