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IoT for sustainability

Build a more environmentally sustainable future with Azure IoT.

Advance environmental efforts with Azure IoT

Reach your environmental sustainability goals and advance your conservation efforts with secure, globally scalable, and innovative IoT solutions. Reduce energy usage in your factory or building. Monitor the quality of your water output and decrease material waste spillage. Help prevent wildlife poaching and keep watch on endangered habitats.

Meet your carbon reduction goals while saving on energy costs with Azure IoT solutions for smart buildings, supply chain optimization, and intelligent operations. Drive innovation and optimization in the energy industry with Azure IoT for energy management. Calculate the environmental impact of cloud-based carbon emissions.

Learn about Microsoft's goal to be carbon negative by 2030.

Conserve water in business operations and building management by creating a water consumption monitoring application. Ensure that your water is clean with a water quality monitoring application.

Minimize the amount of packaging, single-use containers, food scraps, and other waste products that your business contributes to landfills. Use sensor data from a container monitoring application to eliminate leakage of contaminating materials. Gain a clear view of waste accumulation and disposal with real-time data on fill levels, tilt, and other factors through a connected waste reduction and management application.

Help conserve habitats, species, and natural resources that are critical to the future of our planet. Sensor data creates views into the health of ecosystems and enables solutions for crucial scenarios such as forest management, animal tracking, pollution prevention, and sustainable agriculture.

Introduction to Project 15 from Microsoft

Protect our natural world. Watch this video to learn about Project 15 from Microsoft, an effort to reduce the cost, complexity, and time to deployment for sustainable solutions by connecting scientific teams with the technology they need to work on environmental challenges.

Project 15 video

How to be a hero: Project 15 from Microsoft driving sustainability through IoT

We brightly shined our Project 15 "Elephant-Signal" and a host of heroes answered our call. In this video you'll hear from 2 Project 15 heroes who answered the call and what they, and others like you can do to help.

Heroes: please visit Project 15 on GitHub

Get started with IoT architectures for sustainability

Project 15 Open Platform

Accelerate conservation projects like animal tracking and observation, poaching prevention, ecosystem monitoring, and pollution detection.

Smart meter monitoring

Connect utility meters to the cloud to gain insights into consumption and preemptively detect outages.

Solar panel monitoring

Connect, monitor, and manage your solar panels to make energy generation more efficient.

Connected waste management

Monitor waste bins and dispatch field operators to maximize efficient waste collection.

Water consumption monitoring

Monitor and control water consumption to reduce cost and waste.

Water quality monitoring

Monitor water quality to improve health outcomes and environmental impact.

Get the latest IoT for sustainability news and resources

Businesses are building a better future with IoT

Electric vehicle smart charging solutions

"Azure Digital Twins optimization has added intelligence to our electric vehicle platform. Without this optimization capability, it would be difficult to deliver a smart and flexible charging solution."

Marc Diks, Chief Information Officer, Allego

Intelligent air quality management solutions

Johnson Controls creates smarter heating and cooling systems with cloud-connected IoT solutions. The GLAS smart thermostat monitors air quality with built-in sensors and allows building owners to control system features through web and mobile apps.

Johnson Controls

Keeping living walls green

Sagegreenlife relies on Azure IoT Central and Cradlepoint LTE network solutions to set up and manage IoT devices that detect and resolve issues before they affect plant health in their beautiful living walls.


Harnessing data for a more efficient energy grid

"At Agder Energi we want to use technology to make the power grid more efficient, more predictable and more flexible. We will go from energy generators to energy partners, with a more active role for our customers."

Tom Nysted, CEO, Agder Energi
Agder Energi

Bosch expands energy efficiency offerings with a connected building solution using Azure Digital Twins.

"We consider Azure Digital Twins a highly strategic building block for doing forecasts and preventing unnecessary energy consumption to decrease carbon footprints."

Andreas Mauer, Chief Technology Officer Integrator Business, Bosch Building Technologies

Deploy the Project 15 Open Platform

Start building IoT solutions for animal tracking, poaching prevention, ecosystem monitoring, and other conservation efforts.

Learn more about Azure IoT

Make progress toward your sustainability goals with Azure IoT solutions.

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