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Business-critical applications

Scale mission-critical applications on Azure without compromising performance. Protect your most valuable data with compliance and security certifications.

Trust Azure for your mission-critical applications and data

Run SAP, high-performance computing applications, and the solutions you build on Azure to optimize capital expenditures and manage unpredictable events. Modernize your business-critical systems with AI and analytics to empower a geographically distributed workforce and be future-ready. Increase the efficiency of your IT organization with Azure managed databases by surfacing performance insights through embedded intelligence, scaling without limits, and managing security threats.

Tailor your cloud infrastructure to host your business-critical applications or let Azure do it for you with managed services. Run your workloads on Linux and Windows, tapping into an open platform with a vibrant ecosystem. Choose from over 700 virtual machine sizes and underlying CPU and GPU technologies in addition to highly durable storage solutions. Take advantage of a global network to reach your customers, on-premises users, and IT resources. Select single tenant physical servers dedicated to your organization or rely on purpose-built infrastructure for specialized workloads.

Adopt built-in and cost-effective cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions to prevent business interruptions. Protect your mission-critical, core applications from single VM, datacenter, and entire-region failures depending on the SLAs your business needs. Rely on our AI-infused cloud platform to help you optimize service operations. Access compute capacity with SLA guarantees, ahead of actual VM deployments, with on-demand capacity reservations.

Protect your business-critical applications from evolving threats with unified and multi-layered Azure security capabilities and a universal identity platform. Adopt a Zero Trust architecture ideal for securing modern environments. Build your next-generation security operations with the cloud and AI. You own and control your data, encrypted at rest, in transit, and in use. With over 90 compliance certifications, Azure is trusted by enterprises, governments, and startups.

Scale globally while maintaining a local presence in 60+ Azure regions. Create thousands of virtual machines in minutes with Virtual Machine Scale Sets. Optimize the performance of multi-tier applications with proximity placement groups. Take advantage of sub-millisecond latency disk storage for your mission-critical workloads. Tackle the toughest HPC challenges with 200 Gbps InfiniBand. Deploy SAP HANA on specialized infrastructure with up to 480 CPUs and 24 TB of memory.

Running your business-critical applications in Azure can pay off. Avoid sunk costs and increase your operational agility by scaling your IT footprint up or down depending on the business climate. Use Azure reservations, prepaid software plans for Linux and Azure Spot Virtual Machines to lower your operating costs. Use existing Windows Server and SQL Server licenses with Azure Hybrid Benefit. Continuously optimize your cloud spend with Azure Advisor and Azure Cost Management.

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Azure Virtual Machines

Create Linux and Windows virtual machines in seconds and reduce costs.

Azure Disk Storage

Get the durability, scalability, availability, and security you need for all of your data.

Azure Networking

Connect cloud and on-premises infrastructure and services to improve customer and user experience.

Azure SQL

The family of SQL cloud databases providing flexible options for application migration, modernization, and development.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Unite your development and operations teams on a single platform to rapidly build, deliver, and scale applications.

Azure Security Center

Gain unmatched hybrid security management and threat protection.

Azure Sentinel

Make your threat detection and response smarter and faster with AI.

Management and governance

Manage and secure your hybrid cloud resources with tools built into Azure.

Learn more through example solution architectures

Discover how IT organizations like yours are running business-critical applications on Azure.

SAP NetWeaver on SQL Server

This NetWeaver on SQL Server application solution illustrates how a user request flows through an SAP landscape built on NetWeaver using Azure Virtual Machines to host SAP applications and a SQL Server database.

Windows N-tier application on Azure with SQL Server

This reference architecture shows how to deploy virtual machines (VMs) and a virtual network configured for an N-tier application, using SQL Server on Windows for the data tier.

SAP S/4HANA VM on Linux

SAP BW/4HANA is an enterprise data warehouse solution designed for the cloud and optimized for the SAP HANA platform.

Run N-tier application in multiple Azure regions for high availability

This reference architecture shows a set of proven practices for running an N-tier application in multiple Azure regions, in order to achieve availability and a robust disaster recovery infrastructure.

Reference architecture for Oracle Database on Azure

This solution architecture illustrates a canonical architecture to achieve high availability for your Oracle Database Enterprise Edition in Azure.

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Organizations of all sizes are running their businesses on Azure

Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA)

SAP HANA runs on an Azure S576m CPU, a server optimized for mission-critical transactional workloads, including SAP S/4HANA in OLTP scenarios. Twelve CPUs are used for a total of 288 cores with 12 TB of memory and 28 TB of storage.

Walgreens Boots Alliance


The company’s cloud journey involved migrating some of its business-critical applications to Azure and unlocking capabilities that weren’t possible with on-premises deployments.


Schneider Electric

"Where we want to invest our money, it's going to be with a partner like Microsoft who understands our business, understands mission-critical and life-critical workloads, and gives us the confidence that they'll be there throughout the entire journey."

Dale Hall, Cofounder and Executive Vice President, ThoughtWire
Schneider Electric

The Ottawa Hospital | L’Hôpital d’Ottawa

"We were able to save almost 50 percent by hosting our disaster recovery environment for Epic and other critical systems in Azure"

Daniel Breton, Infrastructure Manager, The Ottawa Hospital
The Ottawa Hospital | L’Hôpital d’Ottawa

Adaptive Biotechnologies

"We use Azure cloud computing resources and machine learning capabilities to power our immune medicine platform, so we can rapidly map the adaptive immune system to the many different diseases it recognizes. Armed with this map, we can develop novel diagnostics for diseases, including COVID-19, and fuel the next generation of diagnostics."

Mark Adams, Chief Technical Officer, Adaptive Biotechnologies
Adaptive Biotechnologies


"We are using Azure today to run a large number of mission-critical applications. These include many customer-facing aspects of the jetblue.com web experience, loyalty management, and identity and access management systems that all run on Azure. Behind the scenes, having our data lakes on Azure has also allowed us to efficiently run predictive analytics models to improve the performance of the business and the overall customer experience."

Ramki Ramaswamy, Vice President IT Technology and Integration, JetBlue

Microsoft partners help support your mission-critical applications

Trimble Inc.

"The construction industry relies on Viewpoint to build and host the mission-critical technology used to run their businesses, so we have the highest possible standards when it comes to the solutions we provide. Working with Microsoft has allowed us to meet those standards in the Azure cloud by increasing scalability, flexibility and reliability—all of which enable our customers to accelerate their own digital transformations and run their businesses with greater confidence."

—Dan Farner, Senior Vice President of Product Development, Viewpoint (a Trimble Company)

"Business-critical applications require a transformational data architecture built on scale-out data and microservices to enable dramatically improved operations, developer productivity, and time to market. With Azure and DataStax, enterprises can now run mission-critical workloads with zero downtime at global scale to achieve business agility, compliance, data sovereignty, and data governance."

—Ed Anuff, Chief Product Officer, DataStax

"As Microsoft's 2020 Data Analytics Partner of Year, Informatica works hand-in-hand with Azure to solve mission-critical challenges for our joint customers around the world and across every sector. The combination of Azure's scale, resilience, and flexibility, along with Informatica's industry-leading Cloud-Native Data Management platform on Azure, provides customers with a platform they can trust with their most complex, sensitive, and valuable business critical workloads."

—Rik Tamm-Daniels, Vice President of Strategic Ecosystems and Technology, Informatica

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