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Azure Quantum

Jump in and explore a diverse selection of today's quantum hardware, software, and solutions

The new era of quantum

Azure Quantum brings together the most innovative quantum computing and optimization solutions into a single cloud service. Get started today writing code and running it on the quantum hardware of your choice—and take advantage of $500 in free credit per provider.

An open ecosystem to write and run code on a diverse selection of today's quantum hardware, and prep for scalable hardware in the future

Flexibility to use your preferred development tools with support for Cirq, Qiskit, and Q#

Prepare and refine solutions to run on tomorrow's scaled quantum computers with the Resource Estimation Tool

Built on the trusted, scalable, and highly secure Azure platform that will continue to adapt to a rapidly evolving quantum future

Explore Azure Quantum providers

Azure Quantum assembles and curates some of the most compelling and diverse quantum resources available today—including optimization and quantum hardware solutions—created by industry leaders.


Quantinuum H1 Powered by Honeywell

Trapped-ion system with high-fidelity, fully connected qubits, and the ability to perform mid-circuit measurement.


IONQ Trapped-ion Quantum Computers

Multiple, dynamically reconfigurable systems ranging from 11 to 23 fully connected qubits that enable you to run a two-qubit gate between any pair.


Quantum Circuits, Inc.

Fast and high-fidelity system with powerful real-time feedback to enable error correction.


Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services

Low-latency superconducting systems tailored for hybrid quantum-classical workflows.



Starting at 100 fully connected dynamically reconfigurable qubits with a state-of-the-art performance to run your analog, hybrid, and digital quantum algorithms.



Connecting intractable industry problems to innovative solutions.


Microsoft QIO

Ground-breaking optimization algorithms inspired by decades of quantum research.



GPU-powered ISING machine featuring the simulated bifurcation algorithm inspired by Toshiba's research on quantum computing.

Resource Estimation Tool

Azure Quantum's Resource Estimation tool is a unique developer tool that provides estimates for the number of logical and physical qubits as well as runtime required to execute quantum applications on post-NISQ, fault tolerant quantum computers. Understanding the number of qubits required for a quantum solution and the differences between qubit technologies allows innovators to prepare and refine their quantum solutions to run on future scaled quantum machines and ultimately accelerate their quantum impact.

Richest development environment

Enjoy the richest development environment for quantum computing:

  • Support for the most popular quantum SDKs: Q#, Qiskit, and Cirq.
  • Write once and run on multiple hardware architectures.
  • Send native circuits to QPUs.
  • World-class samples and curriculum.
  • Free hosted Jupyter notebooks to get started within minutes.
  • Full state and open systems and stabilizer simulators.
  • Noisy simulator (Quantinuum).
  • High-performance hybrid quantum computing with quantum intermediate representation (QIR).

Explore the Quantum Development Kit

Learn about Azure Quantum pricing

Azure Quantum provides access to a range of solutions from Microsoft and partners. Pricing is determined by individual partners.

Apply for Azure Quantum credit

On top of the free $500 Azure credit per hardware provider, Microsoft now offers up to $10000 in credit applicable toward Azure Quantum computing hardware for the purpose of exploring new algorithms, investigating use cases, and integrating your business workflows with Azure Quantum. Read the FAQ to learn more.

See how others are using Azure Quantum

Working with Azure Quantum, the NASA JPL team developed an optimization solution that helped reduce scheduling times from hours to minutes.

"In the field of computational chemistry, high accuracy property prediction is considered to be very difficult... Running our quantum computing methods with Azure Quantum optimization solutions, we are getting results that are more accurate than other algorithms."

Scott Genin, Head of Materials Discovery, OTI Lumionics

"Microsoft is providing optimized quantum inspired algorithms to really solve our hard problems, using them to make MRI faster, cheaper, and more efficient."

Mark Griswold, PhD, Professor, Radiology, Case Western Reserve University

"Azure Quantum is...not only building quantum inspired algorithms, but working to provide a pathway for companies like Trimble to engage in fully enabled quantum optimization."

Thomas Fransler, Chief Technology and Data Officer, Trimble

"By focusing on how we would model the problems on quantum computers… we are able to work with Microsoft to redefine the problems and speed up our solutions on existing hardware."

John Haley, CEO, Willis Towers Watson

"Ford brings the expertise from the problem areas and where the value really is for us, and Microsoft brings the Quantum expertise and the team together to help formulate a solution."

Patrick Ellis, Manager, Ford Research

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