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Azure Kubernetes Fleet Manager

Seamlessly manage Kubernetes clusters at scale

Seamlessly manage Kubernetes clusters at scale

Easily handle multicluster scenarios for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters such as workload propagation, north-south load balancing (for traffic flowing into member clusters), and upgrade orchestration across multiple clusters.

Fleet cluster enables centralized management of all your clusters at scale

Managed hub cluster takes care of the upgrades and Kubernetes cluster configuration for you

Kubernetes configuration propagation lets you use policies and overrides to disseminate objects across fleet member clusters

North-south load balancer orchestrates traffic flow across workloads deployed in multiple member clusters of the fleet

Group and organize all your AKS clusters

Group any combination of your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters to simplify multi-cluster workflows like Kubernetes configuration propagation and multi-cluster networking.

Get a managed hub cluster

Fleet requires a hub Kubernetes cluster to store configurations for placement policy and multicluster networking. Rely on a managed Kubernetes cluster to handle upgrades and cluster configuration operations automatically, so you can focus on other priorities.

Propagate Kubernetes configurations across clusters

Define propagation policies to control how the Kubernetes configurations created on the fleet resource need to be propagated to all or a subset of the member clusters.

Orchestrate multi-cluster networking scenarios

Set up load balancing for north-south traffic (flowing from the user into the cluster) for multiple endpoints deployed across member clusters.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

Pricing for Azure Kubernetes Fleet Manager

There's no charge for the Azure Kubernetes Fleet Manager resource itself while it's in preview. You'll only incur charges for the AKS cluster created by Azure Kubernetes Fleet Manager on your behalf. AKS charges will include the virtual machines and associated storage and networking resources consumed for the AKS cluster.

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Azure Kubernetes Fleet Manager resources and documentation

Learning resources

What is Kubernetes?

Frequently asked questions about Azure Kubernetes Fleet Manager

  • Azure Kubernetes Fleet Manager is available in all public cloud regions where Azure Kubernetes Service is available.
  • Currently, no, though there may be support for Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes cluster management in the future.
  • Yes, there will be support for east-west communication and multicluster service mesh in the future.

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